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Different forms of businesses have thrived,laying the foundation for the flourishing of its financial business,On the way forward, we will follow the market demand, expand the market demand,expand the market share and rise to the responsibility of contributing to the prosperity of the local economy.

Jinan Financial Holding Group Co, Ltd is a Class-A state-owned enterprise established in May 2013 with the approval and under the management of the CPC Jinan Municipal Committee and the Jinan Municipal Government. Formerly known as Jinan Finance Investment Holding Group, Ltd, it changed the name to the current one in June 2017 in accordance with the requirements on the integration and adjustment of the municipal nvestment and financing platform of Jinan. Based on the functional positioning granted the government, it is mainly responsible for integrating various financial resources of the city and engaged in financial businesses, including banking, securities, insurance, and equity transaction, so as to provide support and guarantee for the construction of a egional financial center.

Its business scope covers the investment, consulting, management and operation of state-owned assets as authorized by the government. It also provides information and supporting services of financing for the public as an information agent or informatio platform within the designated area. By June, 2018, the value of its assets has reached more than 15 billion 200 million RMB yuan. With 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 8 holding subsidiaries, the group has brought about a business structure featuring comprehensive management by the Group and separated operation by the subsidiaries.

Since its establishment, under the leadership of the CPC Jinan Municipal Committee and the Jinan Municipal Government, Jinan Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. has been firmly bearing in mind the original aspiration of"serving the real economy", the mission of "integrating financial resources and cohesiveness" and always adhering to the role as the"vanguard of the regional financial center construction". With Financial Holding as he platform for comprehensive management, talent as the core to gather strength censes as the carrier to integrate resources and technologies as the tool to achieve leap-forward development, we will build a financial ecology based on a relatively dependent, complementary and diversified service module. Following an international perspective, Financial Holding focuses on six functional business segments, namely capital accumulation, cap/tal enlargement, integration of industry and finance, capital services, platform innovation and industrial cluster. Focused on the central task of "building four centers and a modern City of Springs", it has strived to expand financing channels, innovate and enrich the financial products, seek to attract capital resources and financial talent, and bring about the siphoning" and aggregation effects of various financial capitals. All these efforts aim to build Jinan Financial Holding Group Co, Ltd into an industrial benchmark with a complete business system, powerful comprehensive strength nd high capital operation level.

Up to now, it has obtained 11 licenses, covering bank, trust, guarantee and other areas Based on the license resources, it focuses on equity investment, fund management, microcredit, financial leasing, financing guarantee, assets management, commercial factoring, pawn and other businesses by adopting market tools. Jinan Financial Holding provides financial assets transactions, property right transactions, financial service agents industry and financial alignment and other services. We strive to create a complete financial chain, product chain and value chain to expand the influence and competitiveness of the Financial Holding brand.

Jinan Financial Holding Group Co, Ltd. will focus on the main financial industry continuously improve its operation management level and financial service capabilities, give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises and cooperate with the public to contribute to growth drivers shift. We will provide a full range of high-quality and high quantity, convenient and efficient" financial services for all projects and enterprises engaged in the new technologies, new industries, new businesses and new models of Jinan City.

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